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  本文摘要:The US government has put China’s biggest ecommerce platform back on its blacklist of “notorious markets” known for peddling fake goods, a decision Alibaba argues may have been politically motivated.美国政府再次把中国仅次于电商平台列为其“恶名昭彰市场”黑名单,这类市场以贩卖假货而著称。

The US government has put China’s biggest ecommerce platform back on its blacklist of “notorious markets” known for peddling fake goods, a decision Alibaba argues may have been politically motivated.美国政府再次把中国仅次于电商平台列为其“恶名昭彰市场”黑名单,这类市场以贩卖假货而著称。阿里巴巴(Alibaba)坚称,美国政府这一要求背后也许不存在政治动机。Taobao, an online marketplace owned by Alibaba, managed to get off the list four years ago after clamping down on counterfeiters, but on Wednesday was put back on this year’s list.四年前,阿里巴巴旗下在线集市淘宝网(Taobao)在对假货进行压制后,被删除了该黑名单。

但在本周三,淘宝再次被列为了该黑名单。“While recent steps set positive expectations for the future, current levels of reported counterfeiting and piracy are unacceptably high,” said the US Office of the Trade Representative, which compiles the Review of Notorious Markets.“尽管近来的措施令人对未来产生大力的期望,但目前报告的不实和正版水平低得无法拒绝接受,”美国贸易代表办公室(Office of the US Trade Representative)称之为。该机构负责管理编成《恶名昭彰市场审查报告》(Review of Notorious Markets)。

Alibaba said it was “very disappointed” by the decision, which it claims may have been politically motivated in an environment of rising tensions between Beijing and the US.阿里巴巴回应,它对这一要求深感“十分沮丧”。该公司声称,在中美之间紧绷关系激化的背景下,这一要求背后也许不存在政治动机。“The fact that the decision ignores the real work Alibaba has done to fight counterfeit makes us question whether the USTR decision was swayed by the current political climate,” said Michael Evans, president of Alibaba Group.“这一要求漠视阿里巴巴为压制不实而积极开展的实际行动,令其我们猜测美国贸易代表办公室的要求否受到当前政治气候的影响,”阿里巴巴集团总裁迈克.埃文斯(Mike Evans)说道。

Alibaba has been in conflict with international business groups over the long-running problem of counterfeit goods sold by Taobao’s 10m merchants. Last year the American Apparel Footwear Association said it was “frustrated” by the company’s lack of progress in handling counterfeiters. 由于淘宝1000万商家出售假货的问题长期存在,阿里巴巴与国际商业集团之间仍然冲突大大。去年,美国服装和鞋类协会(American Apparel Footwear Association)回应,它对阿里巴巴在处理造假者方面缺少进展深感“沮丧”。Jack Ma, Alibaba’s founder, boasted earlier this year that fakes were often better quality and better price than the real names” — drawing criticism from goods makers for seeming complacent about Alibaba’s record on fakes.今年早些时候,阿里巴巴创始人马云(Jack Ma)夸口称之为,许多冒充商品“比真品质量更佳,价格更加优惠”。这一言论遭产品制造商的抨击,称之为马云或许对阿里巴巴的售假记录不以为意。

Alibaba, which listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2014, claims it is making more progress than ever, saying that in 2016 it has removed more than twice the number of infringing product listings than last year.2014年在纽约证交所(NYSE)上市的阿里巴巴声称,它获得了比以往任何时候都要大的进展。它还回应,2016年其下架的侵权行为产品数量是去年的两倍多。

“It is therefore unreasonable for the USTR to have concluded that Alibaba is less effective in anti-counterfeiting than when it reviewed our efforts in 2015 and when it removed us from its list four years ago,” said Mr Evans.“因此,美国贸易代表办公室推断阿里巴巴现在在造假方面不如2015年其审查我们的希望时有效地,不如四年前其将我们从名单移除除时有效地,是不讲道理的,”埃文斯说道。Taobao has over 1bn goods available for sale at any given time. As with US-based eBay, it is easy for small merchants and individuals to set up their own sites on the platform.在任一给定点点,淘宝上的在售商品都多达10亿件。


与总部坐落于美国的eBay一样,小商家和个人很更容易在淘宝上创建自己的店铺。“It’s not ideal, but I don’t think most Chinese users really care whether the US puts Taobao on its list or not,” said Mark Natkin, managing director of Marbridge Consulting, a tech consultancy in Beijing. “It’s an issue more for investors . . . and whether it leads brand owners to take action.”“虽然它不极致,但我不指出大多数中国用户知道介意美国否把淘宝列为其名单。”北京科技咨询公司迈博瑞咨询(Marbridge Consulting)董事总经理马克.纳特金(Mark Natkin)说道,“这更好地是一个投资者要应付的问题……更好地是一个否不会造成品牌所有者采取行动的问题。

”Mr Natkin added: “One of the great appeals for Chinese users [of Taobao.com] is you can get anything on the platform at very low prices. If you were really good at cleaning up all the shoddy goods, it would have a negative impact on the gross transaction volume.”纳特金补足说道:“(淘宝)对中国用户的一个极大吸引力在于,你需要在该平台上以很低的价格做到任何东西。如果知道能在清理所有假货方面做到得很出众,将对总成交额产生负面影响。”Alibaba is also grappling with a wave of fake reviews and order-faking scams that merchants use to inflate their sales and ratings — methods collectively known as “brushing”.另外,阿里巴巴还在希望应付一系列欺诈评论和订单不实骗局——这些被商家用来高估销量和压低评级的手段总称为“翻单”。





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